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Why should you choose a ceramic core heater? – Extremely simple and low cost installation – Easy repair and maintenance – High energy efficiency   Ceramic core immersion heaters are used for heating liquids within a tank. They can be used to heat the following;
Pneu Therm Ltd is a UK manufacture of multi-tube pneumatic air connectors, these connectors are used to simplify the connection of multiple airlines. It has been common place for many years to use individual bulkhead connectors that fit within their own hole. Our connectors provide
Pneu-Therm Ltd is a UK manufacturer of multi-tube pneumatic air connectors that are predominantly used to simplify the connection of multiple airlines on pneumatic machinery and automation equipment. For many years we have been designing and manufacturing pneumatic Multi-tube connectors and umbilical assemblies. During this
For many years, extruders have been using a recirculating coolant based approach to control the melt temperature within an extruder barrel. Although effective in removing heat from the process, there are several drawbacks that are generally maintenance related. Extruders using liquid cooled cast in heaters
16th June 2017


Tempco is a name synonymous with state of the art technology when it comes to the design and manufacture of cast in heaters. Tempco have been designing and manufacturing Cast In heaters for over three decades, and in that time, have manufactured a countless number

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