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For many years, extruders have been using a recirculating coolant based approach to control the melt temperature within an extruder barrel. Although effective in removing heat from the process, there are several drawbacks that are generally maintenance related. Extruders using liquid cooled cast in heaters

16th June 2017


Tempco is a name synonymous with state of the art technology when it comes to the design and manufacture of cast in heaters. Tempco have been designing and manufacturing Cast In heaters for over three decades, and in that time, have manufactured a countless number
Silicone rubber heaters are one of the most diverse electric heating elements available within our portfolio. They can be used over an extremely wide and varied range of applications. They provide a reliable and economical heat source capable of providing uniform heat transfer for irregular
Mica band heaters are used to heat cylindrical surfaces and pipes. Pneu-Therm and Tempco can produce a range of different shapes and sizes to suit the customer’s needs, including any cut outs and slots required. There are a variety of different band heaters available from
Pneu-Therm Ltd have an established history of manufacturing Pneumatic mtulti-tube air connectors and electrical heater elements, this is further endorsed by being the official EU distributor for Tempco electric heater corporation from the US. In 2006 Pneu-Therm Ltd took over Genristo Ltd whom had been

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