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Britain’s love for craft beers and real ales is continuing to rise, the good beer guide shows the UK has the most breweries per head of population than any other country in the world. 170 new breweries opened in the last 12 months. The continued growth seems to be driven by the rise of small independent breweries. Even though the UK pub scene seems to be on the decline, the amount of real ale and craft beer being consumed is on the up.

Microbreweries are the new trend, accounting a large number of the new breweries joining the society of independent brewers. The society of independent brewers was established in 1980 with 20 members, it now has 786 members with 62 new breweries joining in the last year.

Heat is a key element in the brewing process, at the stage of adding water to the wheat and barley and at the stage of adding the hops to the mix. When the hops is added, usually into a brewing copper, heat is added usually by an electric immersion heater. The brewing process takes place at around 100oC for approximately 90 minutes.

For microbreweries and independent brewers, efficiency and ease of operation is essential when choosing an electric immersion heater. The new digital immersion heater from Pneu-Therm meets both of these key criteria. The digital immersion heater has a unique digital display and control located on the terminal cap of the heater. The temperature can be easily changed at 0.1oC increments by the operator. This ‘on heater’ digital display eliminates the need for an external control panel and enables the operator to see the temperature of the element at a glance.

The digital immersion heater is a cost effective option for generating and controlling heat in the brewing process. The heater is available in a range of different standard lengths and wattage ratings. It can also be wired up single phase 240v or three phase 415v.

Whether you own a small independent brewery or a large brewing organisation the digital immersion heater has huge benefits for the process.

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