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Whether you’re looking for equipment for yourself or a client our team are able to fulfil all of your requests. We can do anything, from buying raw materials to selling a package that is ready to send to your customers

Our wide range of equipment enables us to offer a fast and flexible service to our customers. We have a machine shop filled with a vast array of plant and equipment including manual and CNC machine tools. This removes a need to use external sub-contractors – saving both time and money. Alongside our CNC and manual machinery, we also have a large electrical assembly and testing areas for wiring up our thermal components.

One of the major advantages of having an extensive plant inventory is the greater control we have within our production processes. This enables us to keep both lead times and costs to a minimum. In order to reduce the need for single component suppliers, we are able to offer complete assemblies, reducing time costs for every job.

We are proud to continually add value and offer innovative pneumatic and thermal solutions.