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The UK Manufacturing Industry during Brexit

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Ever since Britain decided to leave the EU in June 2016, Brexit has dominated the news and impacted and concerned all areas of business, in particular, the Manufacturing Industry. Written below are several events that have occurred in the industry during Brexit. Recently, in April […]

Digital Immersion Heaters perfect for Liquid Heating

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  The new digital immersion heaters from Pneu-Therm is both efficient and easy to operate. It has a unique digital display and control located on the terminal cap of the heater. The temperature can be easily changed at 0.1oC increments by the operator. This ‘on […]


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Tempco has built heaters for countless applications across the industrial spectrum. Many times, there are several different heating products that will work in an application. When that scenario arises, we can help you determine the most economical and efficient solution. Cartridge Heaters are typically inserted […]

Why should you choose a ceramic core heater?

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Why should you choose a ceramic core heater? – Extremely simple and low cost installation – Easy repair and maintenance – High energy efficiency   Ceramic core immersion heaters are used for heating liquids within a tank. They can be used to heat the following; […]

Pneu Therm range of Multi -Tube Pneumatic Air Connectors. MC, MCV, MB and Flo-shAIR

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Pneu Therm Ltd is a UK manufacture of multi-tube pneumatic air connectors, these connectors are used to simplify the connection of multiple airlines. It has been common place for many years to use individual bulkhead connectors that fit within their own hole. Our connectors provide […]