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Working with Tempco enables us to extend our range of heating elements that we can offer to our customers

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Pneu-Therm has an established history in adding value by offering a wide range of additional subcontract machining, fabrication and electrical assembly work to complement our own catalogue of bespoke heating elements and pneumatic connectors. This is further endorsed by being the official UK and EU […]

5 tips that will help you improve the life of Hi- Density cartridge heaters

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Watt Density  Heater watt density (w/in2) is calculated using the following formula: Watt Density = Heater Wattage Heated Length × Heater Diameter × 3.1416 Cartridge heater watt density is defined as the wattage dissipated per square inch of the heated sheath surface. All these factors […]

Tempco Cartridge heaters: the Food&Beverage industry’s favourites

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Our Cartridge Heaters are used by many industries but it is proven to be the best type for the Food and Beverage Industry, due to its localised heat source. All food preparation equipment must use reliable heating for the preparation, processing, preservation and packaging of […]

Micaband Heaters

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Tempco manufactures a wide range of band heaters that are suitable for many applications. Micaband Heaters are an excellent choice for plastic injection molding machines, drum heating, extrusion dies, vending machines and many more.   These heaters are very commonly used within the plastics industry […]

Tempco’s Chx Cast-in Circulation Heaters

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Tempco is widely recognised as the industry leader in manufacturing Cast-In Heaters. Tempco’s Circulation Heaters are the ideal solution for heating gaseous, liquid or two-phase fluid at a specific flow rate. Its common applications are diverse, from heating fuel, paint and non-flammable gases or food […]