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Cold Plate (-5°C → +15°C)

The Höller Buffet Solutions cold plate can go from ambient temperatures down to -5°C in around 10 minutes, this is a more cost effective option than the combi plate if you don`t require the heated option. This option is also available as a self-contained table top unit, or a drop in unit. This style of plate can be supplied in GN1/1 (330mm x 530mm), GN2/1 (660mm x 530mm) and GN3/1(990mm x 530mm) sizes.

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Cold Plate (Compact)

Cold Plate (Compact) JH 700 K GN 1/1

Cold unit, to keep food cold. Temperature adjustable from -5° to +15° C (at an ambient temperature of +22° C)

6,9 mm thick multi-layer material CNS/aluminium/CNS optional: glass coating 2 mm