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Pneu-Therm Ltd have an established history of manufacturing Pneumatic mtulti-tube air connectors and electrical heater elements, this is further endorsed by being the official EU distributor for Tempco electric heater corporation from the US. In 2006 Pneu-Therm Ltd took over Genristo Ltd whom had been manufacturing Industrial electrical heater for over 60 years.

Due to the expansion of our business and product range, we feel our portfolio of manufactured resale items has now grown to a point that may become confusing for customers. To make it easier for our customers to identify what exactly we are looking for, we have split the manufacturing of pneumatic connectors and Industrial heaters away from what is an ever-growing area of the specifying and supply of bespoke catering equipment.

Catertherm very quickly established its name within the industry, thanks to the good historical reputation passed over from Pneu-Therm Ltd. This rebranding exercise has seemingly gone from strength to strength in a short period of time. In more recent months we have taken on the distributorship of three further European equipment manufactures as well as one UK manufacturer, Toasty Products, which further endorse our portfolio. We now represent six different European manufacturers that all have in turn many different product lines.

The majority of the catering equipment we distribute is, in part, of a bespoke nature and yet to be adopted by the masses. The equipment also offer’s something slightly different or beneficial to the end user compared to existing products on the market. Equipment such as our compact Induction vertical toaster for the fast toasting of fresh sandwiches, Panini’s and bagels, has still yet to be adopted by the market, this is down to the infancy of the product and not its performance.

Other manufacturers that we proudly represent such as Holler hot & cold food service equipment, LGs Koolinnovations fantastic new transparent LCD media advertising display fridge, FKI fast food Teknik and the Danish combination oven manufacture HOUNO that we resell from Middelby UK, HOUNO boast to have the most impressive range combination ovens anywhere on the planet, with quality service and guarantees like no other. Finally, Quadro Vino an Italian wine cooler manufacturer. Quadri manufacture wine bottle and glass coolers in sizes from just a couple of bottles right through to the temperature controlled environment for hundreds of bottles. They also include within their range, controlled storage for chocolate and cooked meats.

For more information or a live demonstration of any of our product, don’t hesitate to contact us.