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Tempco’s Chx Cast-in Circulation Heaters

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Tempco is widely recognised as the industry leader in manufacturing Cast-In Heaters. Tempco’s Circulation Heaters are the ideal solution for heating gaseous, liquid or two-phase fluid at a specific flow rate. Its common applications are diverse, from heating fuel, paint and non-flammable gases or food and beverage, laboratory testing, steam generation and much more.


These are high-quality compact lightweight cast-in heaters consisting of a cylindrical aluminium body that serves as the heat exchanger.


The aluminium mass acts as a thermal flywheel and ensures an accurate temperature and control of the fluid.



The unique construction of the heater allows for it to be used with thermally sensitive materials, as the fluid being heated is never in contact directly with the heat source.


This property not only prevents the fluid from being contaminated, which is fundamental in the foodservice equipment, semiconductor and analytical industries. It also helps to prevent any hazards when heating combustible fluid.


The fluid to be heated circulates through the seamless, 316 SS tubing. The Cast Aluminium body acts as an exchanger of the heat that comes from the Hi-Density Cartridge Heater or a Tubular Heating Element.


If you want to find out more specific information about the cast-in circulation heater you can click here or read our catalogue pages.


You ask, we make it possible


Although we have on our website some already made designs, we recognise that many applications require unique and non-standard designs.


We are constantly being challenged by our consumers to deliver solutions that solve their heating problems. We have the expertise, technical competence and the ability to manufacture exactly what you are looking for.