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Pneu – Therm is the UK distributor for USA based Tempco Corporation – a world leader in the design and manufacture of electric heating elements, temperature controllers and sensors. Established in 1972, with just three employees and a 1500 sq. ft. factory, the company has now grown to over 350 employees working from two adjacent sites of 130,000 sq. ft. and 44,000 sq. ft. - located next to Chicago’s international airport.

Pneu-Therm has been distributing Tempco products since 2002. Most core products are available ex–stock with a speedy turn round for the more specialist equipment for which Tempco are renowned. The Company has, over the years, expanded their range of thermal components to include a number of exclusive and patented designs - all in keeping with a concept, we share with their Founder, of creating innovative and visionary solutions.

Band Heaters

MI Plus Band, Mica Band, Ceramic Band and Tubular Band.

Cartridge Heater

Metric and Imperial cartridge heaters with a range of different termination styles.

Cast-In Heaters: Plastic

Liquid and air-cooled bronze and aluminium heaters.

Cast-In Heaters: Special

Bespoke cast-in heaters for a wide variety of industries.

Cable & Coil

Excellent high-temperature capabilities up to 982°C.

Ceramic Fiber Heaters

Light weight and can handle extremely rapid cycling.


Silicone rubber heaters, Kapton heaters, printed thick film and heating tape.

Process Heating System

Complete thermal loop systems - heating elements, controllers, sensors and power control.

Strip Heaters

Ceramic strip heater finned ceramic strip heaters and tubular strip heaters.

Tubular Heaters

Finned tubular heaters and formed tubular heaters.

Infrared Ceramics

High radiant efficiency with rapid heat up and cool down times.

Temperature Controller

A key component in every thermal loop system.

Power Control Panels

Integrated solutions to manage your thermal loop system.

Temperature Sensors

Thermocouples, mineral insulated thermocouples and RTD's.