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Heating Elements

Pneu-Therm is well established as one of the premier manufacturers heating elements in the UK, having a large catalogue of standard products, but also having the skills and expertise to offer customers the heating element they need to suit their application.

Over many years we have been adapting standard heater designs for use in many differing customer applications, cutting down on costly development and lead-time.

With many years experience in the manufacture of electric heating elements, we can generally advise customers of the best style of heater to use within their application.

The vast majority of electric heaters used throughout the world are manufactured from an already existing design, with very few new designs coming to the market.

These already existing designs can be generally engineered into something that is more benefitting to the customer’s application, giving them the confidence that the product has been tried and tested in other applications.

Please feel free to get in touch should you have a new application that requires process heating, or if you have an existing design where you are experiencing problems or product failure with your current elements.