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Umbilical Assemblies

Pneu-Therm’s umbilical assemblies are designed to complement our range of MC and MCV connectors by offering a safe and efficient way of getting air from the source to the required destination.

These can be specified with any connectors on the each end and in a range of different conduit materials and sizes on the outside. We can offer standard weight black nylon conduit, general purpose PVC covered conduit and a stainless steel conduit.

Umbilical Assemblies
Umbilical Assemblies Pneutherm

Within the conduit will be pneumatic nylon tubing as standard. Other tubing materials are available if required including PU and PVC.

The maximum continuous length we can offer is 25m, however you can join multiple assemblies together using our connectors if required.

Please use the umbilical assembly template to specify your requirements.