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Pneu Therm has been manufacturing heating elements for many years and as such has developed skills and expertise, we believe, are largely unrivalled in the Industry.

In addition to our range of, in–house manufactured, core products, in 2006 we acquired Gentriso, manufacturers of fan and convection heating elements, and since 2002 have been exclusive UK distributors for, USA based, Tempco – manufacturers of electric heating elements, temperature controllers and sensors.

We, therefore, know a thing or two about heating elements. The question is, how do you decide which element is right for you?

As you would expect, there are a myriad of heating elements to choose from – depending on the application. In this article, we will try and de-mystify the selection process.

Heating elements come in all shapes and sizes. And if they don’t, we can usually create a bespoke one for your specific requirements. As most electric heaters are manufactured from an already existing design, we can adapt standard heater designs, and, therefore, reduce expensive R&D time.

This means the starting point is to understand what type of use the element is going to be used for.

For example, what substance will it be heating – gas, liquid or solids etc. and in which sector, ie scientific, engineering, chemical, electrical etc. This will determine the most appropriate type for your needs – based on variables such as temperature, size, controls etc.

Our Tubular heater, for example, is probably the most popular and most versatile element available and is used for many applications, including convection and radiation heating. Supplied in lengths up to 5m and varying diameters, we can form to any shape and produce bespoke products to fit most heating installations.

For example, our tubular immersion heaters come complete with a threaded terminal head and cap with a variety of IP ratings while our standard tubular heater can be supplied either with a finned element, for use in forced air applications, or un-finned.

We believe It’s important to choose the correct heating element, and we make it easy to ensure you do. This is especially important as selecting the most appropriate product will have an impact on the safe operation of the unit, reduced machine downtime, lower running costs, improved productivity and improved business efficiency.

That’s why clients appreciate our ‘one stop shop’ approach. This eliminates the time and costs of dealing with multiple suppliers. They also value our in – house design and fabrication facility that enables us to produce bespoke elements tailored to their needs.

They also tell us that dealing with just one ‘fully inclusive’ supplier makes for an easy procurement process and after sales service.

From our UK base, located in the centre of the country, in addition to tubular heaters, we supply a full range of standard or bespoke heating elements. These include mica band strip heaters for heating flat surfaces, mica band heaters for cylindrical surfaces, spiral or fire bar elements, available with or without a silica glass sheath, resistant wire spirals used in bespoke drying equipment and ceramic core heaters, designed for heating gases and liquids without the need to drain the tank or system.

We also offer specialist heating elements such as Silicone Rubber Heaters – a unique and highly cost effective solution for providing uniform heat to flat or irregularly shaped surfaces. These are used extensively in catering, laboratory equipment, aerospace, medical equipment and semi-conductor manufacturing industries etc.

With many years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of heating elements, we are delighted to offer advice on the best type of heating element to suit your application. Give us a call on 01636 679415. For more information click here