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foundationPneu-Therm Ltd are pleased to be able to add to their comprehensive range of pneumatic multi-tube connectors with the launch of the Flo-shAIR series.

Designed to further simplify connections and increase options in many systems using pneumatics. Flo-shAIR offers one feed line in, with multiple lines out, allowing one feed to connect to several outlets simultaneously. These connectors are suitable for panel mounting and come equipped with a locking backring to secure the connector to the application. Protective dust caps are available and tube socks, which can be fitted to various types of conduit and enables the tubing to be routed through machinery safely are also available.

Top quality materials are used throughout our multi-tube connector range and our standard Flo-shAIR units are fitted with ‘Legris’ quick connection inserts to accommodate both metric and imperial tube size requirements. The feed in line connection can be varied depending on customer specific requirement.  Our sales team can offer advice on all options.

Flo-shAIR connectors offer our customers an economic, effective and practical option for pneumatic connections. They also offer flexibility, are simple to fit and give a professional look to any machine build or re-fit.