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Liquid cooled extruders v “Cool to The Touch” Air Cooling

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For many years, extruders have been using a recirculating coolant based approach to control the melt temperature within an extruder barrel. Although effective in removing heat from the process, there are several drawbacks that are generally maintenance related.

Extruders using liquid cooled cast in heaters can be subject to unpredictable and untimely failure of the cooling tubes and related equipment, resulting in costly downtime.

Inherent maintenance problems include stress corrosion cracks, linear thermal expansion of the heater body, clogging up of pipes and tubes due to the accumulation of mineral deposits within. Additionally, liquid cooled Cast in heaters require an expensive cooling tower or heat exchanger system, extensive plumbing system and added labour for installation.

Tempco’s “Cool to The Touch” is a fully integrated system that offers powerful functionality, user friendly installation and operation, customizable features, and other benefits you simply will not find in any existing extruder heating and cooling systems. These highly engineered products are designed for durability and trouble free operation.

Air cooled systems have evolved considerably and become more thermally efficient as a result of geometric changes and implementation of sophisticated shrouding and air flow techniques. Optimising the direction and ducting airflow, coupled with the proper selection of blower             CFM, are important to ensuring that the air cooling technique removes the proper amount of heat from the extrusion barrel.

Air cooled Cast in Heaters are virtually maintenance free and therefore, when properly installed and applied, have the capability to outlast and outperform liquid cooled systems.

Tempco’s “Cool to The Touch” is becoming an Industry standard for both OEMs and end users who are looking to transform their old extruder into something that’s going to last and be trouble free for years to come.

Tempco’s finned cast heaters use bolt clamping and are exclusively designed to work with Tempco’s Cool to The Touch Shroud System. The castings are manufactured with special high-efficiency fins and low overall mass cross section and thus maximising thermodynamics.

If you would like any more information on the revolutionary air cooled Cast-In heaters from Tempco, or any information on how we can help you recondition your extruder heating and cooling system, please get in touch using [email protected] or 0044 (0) 1636 679415