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Micaband Heaters

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Tempco manufactures a wide range of band heaters that are suitable for many applications.

Micaband Heaters are an excellent choice for plastic injection molding machines, drum heating, extrusion dies, vending machines and many more.


These heaters are very commonly used within the plastics industry to heat cylindrical surfaces and pipes. Band heaters are thin and therefore great for effective heat transfer as they can withstand temperatures up to 480°C.

Micaband heaters are one of the preferred thermal products on the market because of their versatility, durability and flexibility.


What makes Tempco Duraband the best mica insulated heater on the market?


Our heaters are the outcome of many years of research and progress in order to create a reliable heater that allows for a faster heat-up and response time than any other in a more cost-effective way.


Design Features


The construction of Tempco’s Duraband mica insulated heater is done with a high-quality resistance wire and full-width stainless-steel casing.  It is proven to be an efficient, dependable and unbreakable design, equipped with torque-resistant screw terminals.


These heaters also incorporate the Low Thermal Expansion Built-in-Strap, a unique design developed and patented by Tempco. This campling mechanisms provides better clamping action than just separate straps.


Tempco’s Micaband heaters are available in one-piece, two-piece and expandable construction.    


Flexibility and variety in our heaters

Our company is the most flexible heater brand when it comes to design and manufacture as we have the expertise to deal with non-standard and unique designs. At Tempco we can create a custom design with built holes and slots to fit your machines, thermocouple probes, holding bolts, piping and more.


We are able to produce a range of different shapes and sizes to suit our customer’s needs.

Tempco is used to dealing with consumer’s problems in their heating applications, and we have the competence, technical expertise and the manufacturing ability to deal with your requests.