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Multi-Tube Pneumatic Air Connectors

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Pneu-Therm Ltd is a UK manufacturer of multi-tube pneumatic air connectors that are predominantly used to simplify the connection of multiple airlines on pneumatic machinery and automation equipment.

For many years we have been designing and manufacturing pneumatic Multi-tube connectors and umbilical assemblies. During this time, we have successfully manufactured a countless number of standard connectors as well as many bespoke designs to fit our customers own specific requirements.

Our connectors allow the users to connect and disconnect multiple airlines with the minimum of fuss. Previously it was common place to use individual bulkhead connectors that each had its own hole, adding all important time to the job, you would then have fit individual bulkheads that required a larger area and time for installation. Our connectors allow the user to machine or drill one larger hole to which the connector is then fitted. The multiple push in fittings within the connector can then be used to quickly connect the airlines to an application, further reducing installation time. All ports within the connectors are individually numbered, reducing the chance of mismatched airlines.

As standard, we use the Legris Carstick LF3000 cartridge style fitting. This high-quality push fit cartridge both seals and grips on the outer diameter of the plastic tube at the same time. The LF 3000 cartridge that we use in our connectors are produced in both metric and Imperial tube sizes, giving us the ability to produce both metric and imperial connectors. The LF3000 fitting can also be used for positive and negative vacuum pressures. We also offer the Norgren PIF range of cartridge fittings that have aa all Nickle plated brass body and the Metalwork R27 style of cartridge insert that has a brass body and plastic collet, other manufactures inserts can be used upon request.

Our flexible manufacturing facilities, allow us to provide a solution for customer’s individual requirements, and in as short a time as possible. Our multi-tube air connectors can be found in a wide variety of industrial applications such as, food processing equipment, agricultural crop spraying machinery, aeroplane crash recovery systems, intrinsically safe equipment for use in hazardous areas, electrostatic and paint spraying equipment, meat processing and slicing equipment, plastic injection and blow mounding equipment, automotive jig and fixture manufacturers to name but a few.

Our range of standard connectors, MC, MCV. MB and the recently introduced Flow-ShAIR connectors are both versatile and can be a cost-effective alternative to individual bulkheads fitting with added benefits.