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Tempco is a name synonymous with state of the art technology when it comes to the design and manufacture of cast in heaters. Tempco have been designing and manufacturing Cast In heaters for over three decades, and in that time, have manufactured a countless number of designs for a multitude of industries and applications.

Tempco have at their disposal all the equipment required to meet a growing customer demand, from in house 3D CAD design, pattern making in both wood and plastic, permanent and non-permanent mould manufacture, in house tubular heater and cooling tube manufacture and both gravity and low pressure casting facilities.

Tempco also offer a state of the art machining facility that can cope with cylindrical shapes that have an internal bore diameter of up to 1,230mm and a length 1,016mm, and flat platen sizes of 1,829mm x 1,524mm.

Tempco offer a wide range of materials including 319 and 356 Aluminium, Bronze C95300 and yellow brass, other materials can also be considered dependent on customers’ requirements and the feasibility of the project.  Aluminium can be cast to a weight of 600lb (237kg) or Bronze to a weight of 300lb (143kg) giving Tempco a leading edge over other manufactures, given that its common place that Cast in Heaters are generally manufactured in multiple segments thus giving Tempco the ability to manufacture large finished Cast in Heaters.

Cast Aluminium grades 319 and 356 offer customers a maximum usable surface temperature within the cast in Heater of up to 399°C and Bronze up to a maximum surface temperature of 732°C. This generally covers most Industry eventualities.

Tempco cast in heaters can be manufactured with a multitude of terminations right through from simple screw terminals or flexible leads to explosion proof terminal boxes.

The cast in heaters are also produced with both internal cooling tubes for machines that have liquid cooling systems alongside the ever more popular forced air cooled products that can greatly increase extruder efficiency and subsequent running costs.

Tempco are now proud to offer customers with old styles liquid cooling an EXTREME MAKEOVER using the Cool to The Touch range of heaters that use the forced air blower system, for the cooling of common over temperature situations found during the extrusion process.