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future foundationSilicone rubber heaters are one of the most diverse electric heating elements available within our portfolio. They can be used over an extremely wide and varied range of applications. They provide a reliable and economical heat source capable of providing uniform heat transfer for irregular shaped or flat surfaces including three dimensional geometries. This flexibility allows you to design a heating element literally around the shape and size of your system or component part.

Over the years, we have supplied silicone rubber heaters into the following industries; Aerospace, Animal Feeders, Autoclaves, ATM Machines, Drum Heaters, Food Service Equipment, Incubators, Lab equipment, laminators and much more.

foundationSilicone rubber heaters are available with many different termination options and can even be wired with a standard 3 pin plug. If you need something a little more complex for your application we can do distributed wattage, this is ideal for applications that need more heat in certain areas of the process but still want to use just one heating element.

Holes and cut outs are unlimited with silicone rubber, so no matter how irregular the component you are trying to heat, we can find a solution.

For temperature control, we can add a built in thermostat, or any kind of temperature sensor you need for wiring into your external temperature control device.

Silicone rubber heaters are available up to a maximum size of 914mm x 3660mm and can work to a maximum continuous operating temperature of 200oC.

If you have an application that you think could benefit from flexible silicone rubber heaters, please get in touch with our office 01636 679415 of email [email protected]