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Mica band heaters are used to heat cylindrical surfaces and pipes. Pneu-Therm and Tempco can produce a range of different shapes and sizes to suit the customer’s needs, including any cut outs and slots required.

There are a variety of different band heaters available from us with varying temperature ratings and performances. Below are the key design differences and advantages for each style.

Duraband Heaters – This heaters design is the result of many years of research, development and testing for reliable mica insulated band heater that can perform at higher operating temperatures (up to 480oC) essential for some of today’s resins. The Duraband heaters have a proven track record giving good life expectancy when run within the engineering parameters. The Duraband heater is also a cost effective option.

MI Plus Heaters – This style of heater is the solution for applications that require high watt density and/or high operation temperatures (Up to 760oC). The specially formulated mineral insulated tape provides excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. The heater if formed under pressure to a precise diameter with a thin low mass section, assuring fast heat up rates and reduced cycle times.

Ceramic Band – This style of heater is specially engineered to meet the ever increasing demands of today’s processes. The ceramic band heater (or knuckle heater as it is sometimes known) is capable of generating higher temperatures that is essential for the processing of today’s higher temperatures resins. This style of heater has the capability of returning a higher level of energy efficiency when used in conjunction with a ceramic fibre insulation jacket.

Maxiband – Manufactured from standard width aluminium extrusion and an 8mm diameter tubular heater, this highly efficient style of heater is fast becoming common place with plastic extruders. This Maxiband heater has a rugged construction and generally give very good life expectance. The initial cost of this style of heater is soon outweighed by the sharp reduction in both downtime and lost production.

Hopefully the information provided gives you a better idea of the different types of band heaters we can offer. We are more than happy to talk over your application and help you decide which band heater is best for your process.

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