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Why should you choose a ceramic core heater?

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Why should you choose a ceramic core heater?

– Extremely simple and low cost installation
– Easy repair and maintenance
– High energy efficiency


Ceramic core immersion heaters are used for heating liquids within a tank. They can be used to heat the following;

– Water
– Oil
– Glycol
– Acid
– Sodium Hydroxide
– Bitumen


The ceramic core elements can be inserted into a tube that sits inside the tank. This gives a range of benefit when it comes to maintenance. The elements can be removed from the tank without the requirement for drainage. This means that if an element goes down, it can easily be withdrawn and replaced without draining.

The elements can be wither horizontally or vertically mounted on either static or circulating tanks.

Pneu-Therm can offer these ceramic core heaters in diameters of 35mm, 37mm, 45mm and 57mm with a minimum length of 250mm and a maximum length of 6000mm.

The maximum recommended watt density is 4.35w/cm2 and the maximum recommended voltage is 600v.

Ceramic core immersion heaters consist of a high temperature ceramic former that then has a spiralled resistance wire coil running through several holes along the length of the former. These formers are then joined together to give the customers required heated length. Generally, then a central stainless steel tie bar locks all the formers together.


Need a quote?

To enable us to quote your ceramic core heater we require the following information;

– Diameter and length
– Supply voltage and required wattage
– Type and length of termination (leads/studs)
– Cold or inactive length of element
– Required operating temperature
– Any control mechanisms being used
– Any application information