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Pneu Therm range of Multi -Tube Pneumatic Air Connectors. MC, MCV, MB and Flo-shAIR

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Pneu Therm Ltd is a UK manufacture of multi-tube pneumatic air connectors, these connectors are used to simplify the connection of multiple airlines.

It has been common place for many years to use individual bulkhead connectors that fit within their own hole. Our connectors provide a space saving alternative to individual bulkheads, and are proven to be cost effective alternative with added benefits. All our connectors are manufactured from Black Copolymer Acetal, with white being available upon request. We use the Legris LF3000 cartridge style fitting as its one of the best cartridge style fittings available, other manufactures fitting are available upon request.

Connectors are available in four differing body sizes 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, and 75 mm the body size is dependent on the size and amount of tubes being connected. All connectors are generally mounted by passing them through a hole, and secured by using a threaded locknut. We also offer plain or threaded mounting flange.

All connectors have individually numbered ports for easy and precise connection, other than the Flo-shAIR connector, as all ports are adjoined.

MB Bulkhead

This one-piece compact multi tube bulkhead connector allows for simple straight in and out tube connections.

MC Plug and Sockets

This two-piece connector is designed for quick and precise manual connection and disconnection of discharged air lines. The socket (male half) of this connector is the mounted half. The plug half of the connector (Female floating half) fits together with the male half by way of a manually tightened nut. These units also incorporate a single location pin, so misalignment of the two half is impossible.

MCV Plug and Sockets

Designed like the MC connector but has the added advantage of being able to retain the charged air of on the socket (Male) side of the connector, by way of check valves. The plug half and its associated airlines does however discharge its air to atmosphere, so care must be taken by allowing the discharge to take place gradually. The plug half of the connector (Female floating half) fits together with male half by way of a hand tightened thread nut. These units also incorporate a location pin for accurate alignment of the ports.


This connector is as its name suggests, a connector that shares an incoming air supply to multiple of outgoing ports. The incoming air can be by way of a threaded hole for customer own connection or by way of a push fit cartridge fitting.

Customers can also choose to have a threaded hole or push fit style cartridge fittings in the opposing half. This two-part connector can be manufacture with the large or small ports in either side of the male/female connector dependent on customer specific application requirements. The two halves are then sealed by way of an O-ring and then hand tightened by way of a threaded nut. These units are now becoming more popular than ever due to its compact design and a reduction in the amount of singular fitting to do the same job.


Umbilical assemblies are designed to complement our range of multi-tube connectors. In all applications, customers need to take air from point A to B, umbilical assemblies allow you to do this with up to 16 tubes and length to 25m. We have on numerous occasion passed differing diameter tubes and even electrical cables through the very same conduits umbilical.

Customers can choose any style conduit that suites their application, from a simple plastic style to a high-quality liquid tight braided hose. The Umbilical can be either preassembled with our connectors or supplied for customer own cut and fit.

Tube Socks

Tube socks are generally used at the transition point between the connector and the conduit (umbilical assembly). The tapered shape allows the tubes that exit the conduit and spread out before entering the connector. Tube socks can be manufactured with various entry threads to suit most conduit style fittings.

Dust Caps

Dust caps can be supplied for our MC & MCV connectors for use when the two halves are disconnected, these caps reduce the possibility of contamination to the inner parts of the connector, they also protect the inner and outer connection threads of the connector.

Dust caps are designed to be used without air pressure, however we do manufacture a pressure blanking range for all of our connectors.