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Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters

# Bitumen Heating, Oil Tank Heating, Power Generation

Ceramic core immersion heaters consist of a high temperature ceramic former that then has a spiralled resistance wire coil running through a number of holes along the length of the former.

These formers are then joined together to give the customers required heated length. Generally then a central stainless steel tie bar locks all the formers together.

In the main we produce 3 different diameters 37mm, 45mm and 57mm. We have in the past manufactured these heaters from 200mm to over 6,000mm long. We are able to offer ceramic core immersion heaters with many different termination and wiring configurations and in multitude of voltages and wattages.

Having a good quality ceramics supplier means we are also able to offer other diameters, lengths and styles depending on our customer`s specific requirements.

The industry sectors that commonly use this type of heater are manufactures of large electric generators and motors, large water heating calorifier manufacturers and in tarmac manufacturing equipment for the heating of bitumen and asphalt material.