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Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone Rubber Heaters are the answer to many unique heating applications. The flexible heaters are capable of operating with excellent performance under many different conditions.

This type of heater is a reliable and economical heat source capable of providing uniform heat transfer to either flat or irregular shaped surfaces.

We can offer the best heater to suit your application in many different industries including; foodservice equipment, laboratory equipment, aerospace, medical equipment, semi-conductor manufacturing and much more.

We can also offer silicone rubber heaters as wire wound construction – typically for low volume and prototype work and as etch foil construction – for medium to high volume orders. If you are looking for rapid heat up time or a lightweight solution for your surface heater, we can offer kapton heaters.


  • can be used at a temperature range between -60 and +230oC
  • We can offer UL approval
  • Maximum width 940mm
  • Maximum length 3000mm
  • Nominal thickness 0.8mm – 3.00mm